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All About Business Cards

All About Business Cards
By Dawn Smith December 11, 2018 No comments

Think business cards are old-fashioned? Think you don’t need them anymore? Think again! Entrepreneur Magazine lists some compelling arguments that business cards are more important than ever. In a nutshell, human contact and a “physical” first impression will always trump digital exchanges. A business card is offered with a handshake and eye contact, while two people typing into each other’s iPhones may never look at each other and now you’ve become a contact among hundreds of others with no distinguishing memory to your name or your company. The consummate professional who is prepared with clean, crisp business cards makes a great first impression with prospective customers and gets that crucial chance to have human interaction that makes a lasting memory.

What makes a great business card?

The most essential thing to keep in mind is that the card represents you and your business.

Business Card Size and Thickness

Standard cut business cards in the US measure 3.5” × 2” and are generally printed on stock that is 12-14 pt. thickness; basically, a nice, weighty card-stock.

Business Card Design Best Practices

Business cards should have a clean, legible font and contain all pertinent information you wish to convey to your prospective clients. Several types of cards are available:

  • One print (dark) color on a neutral colored, standard size business card is an optimal choice for businesses traditionally considered conservative.
  • Two or more print colors, possibly adding a logo or photograph can be eye-catching.
  • Embossed (raised) print may add a touch of elegance to your card.
  • A card printed on front and back is ideal for translating pertinent information to another language.
  • A unique shape can really make your card standout and emphasize your industry.

Where to Find a Business Card Print Shop

Finding the nearest location to have your business cards printed is only a phone call or mouse click away. Our in-house print shop can handle short run business card orders and a wide array of unique designs to give your business that competitive edge. Our quick turnaround time is a bonus. We’re here to help!

Explore our new website (dynamiccolorgraphics.com) and see for yourself what we mean by the power of print.

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