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Signage & Print Every Hospital or Medical Office Needs

Signage & Print Every Hospital or Medical Office Needs
By Dot It April 25, 2019 No comments

Most hospitals, especially those with associated medical centers, are large, sprawling complexes. With multiple buildings, connecting walkways, and parking garages, signage is critically important for patients, visitors, and medical personnel. As an added bonus, signage and banners are also an excellent advertising tool to promote patient programs and other campaigns the hospital wants to promote.

Best Practices

Signs, whether interior or exterior, should have highly contrasting colors between background and print and use an easy-to-read, crisp font such as Sans Serif. Print shouldn’t be crammed onto a sign; remember to leave adequate “empty” space and have large enough font to be easily read.

Must-Have Exterior Signage & Print

Window Graphics & Decals

Window graphics lend themselves well to office hours, brand logos, and information/promotional text and graphics.

Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Consider, too, custom vehicle wraps for any cars, vans, or shuttle buses that are owned by the medical center, particularly if they are used for patient transport.

Exterior Directional Signs

Most exterior signs are going to be directional, pointing patients and visitors to where they need to go within the medical complex – hospital, emergency room, specialty clinic, etc. Parking signs should be plentiful. Directional signs must obviously be sturdy and able to withstand all types of weather.

Large Format Building Banners

Building exteriors are also amenable to advertising through other means. Banners are great for announcing special dates (i.e. Nurse’s Day) or recently won awards and recognition.

Must-Have Interior Signage & Print

Interior Directional

Directional, or way-finding, signage is indispensable in hospitals and medical buildings since patients are ill or in pain, and visitors are stressed, worrying about their loved one. If signage is plentiful and easy to read, no additional stress is created while attempting to navigate. Take advantage of all interior areas – ceilings, floors, elevator doors and interiors, and interior walls can all be utilized for signage.

Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signs along floors (or along the wall) are particularly helpful if creating a ‘path’ from entry point to another point. Why not have your logo every so often along the path?

Interior Large Format Banners

Interior banners hanging from the ceiling are helpful for patients and visitors to find comfort areas – restrooms, vending, lounges, cafeterias, and complimentary coffee service. As much as all these signs should be functional, they are an opportunity for branding.

Wall/Window Graphics

Custom printed signs or murals are ideal for high traffic areas with large wall or window expanses. These areas lend themselves to big, beautiful branding opportunities.

Great signs are a balm to the people temporarily residing in or visiting the hospital. The experience is much more pleasant if navigating through the medical complex is easy. After the encounter patients and visitors will have good memories of your facility’s concern for their welfare. And, if you’ve employed successful branding, they’ll always remember your name.

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